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Infosound Media is our “behind-the-scenes” support service for talking newspapers/magazines, local sight loss charities, some radio stations and other not-for-profit information-providers. The aim is to share our most recently-produced audio features with others providing free public service information for blind and partially-sighted people.


These individual items, all of which focus on practical aspects of living with sight loss and which are relevant to the whole of Great Britain, do not have identifying Infosound ‘jingles’ front and back so they can sound home-grown.  We do not expect to be credited as the source of the material. For us, the important thing is not where the information has come from, but where it is going to.


The only four stipulations for using our original audio material are that:

•  audio items may only be downloaded from this web page,

•  audio items must be heard by your listeners exactly as downloaded from us, without being altered in any way,

•  audio items may only be heard by your listeners between the dates given with each item's title,

•  all music is copyright and may not be extracted from any audio item and used elsewhere.

Otherwise, you may present it in whatever way suits you best.


All current content is available to download from this web page; but it can also be delivered automatically to your computer, tablet or smart mobile phone via the Infosound Media podcast/RSS feed/XML file:


                                          Its URL, or ‘address’, is 


Once this URL has been pasted into suitable pod-catching software (or some browsers) it will automatically “know” where to find us and will respond the moment we have produced a new audio feature for you to hear and download.

Current Audio Downloads

Government and NHS pandemic guidelines, particularly concerning lockdown restrictions, are now beginning to change more rapidly that in the past month or so.  We have therefore thought it wise to re-assess many "hear-by" dates, intended to help you to know when an item is relevant for your listeners to hear.

We would strongly advise referring to this page before broadcasting or distributing any item you may already have downloaded from here, just to check it is still "in date". Re-assessed dates are highlighted in red.

Where a new VERSION number is given, please re-download to replace an earlier version of the item you may have already downloaded; it will have the same file name.

Of course, having a listen through the item to check that its content is still relevant is also recommended.


•  About the Infosound Noticeboard

duration 3:05   |   may be heard by your listeners from 25 May 2020 until withdrawn


•  Vocaleyes wants theatre audio description feedback

duration 5:56   |   may be heard by your listeners from 23 May 2020 to 27 Jun 2020


•  Extra Living Paintings library services during the pandemic

duration 6:44   |   may be heard by your listeners from 20 May 2020 to 24 Jun 2020


•  Summary of pandemic advice and support from the NHS and VI charities   VERSION 12

duration 4:58   |   may be heard by your listeners from 18 May 2020 until updated


•  Hands-free loudspeaker home phones for listening to information down the line

duration 6:12   |   may be heard by your listeners from 17 May 2020 to 21 Jun 2020


•  Research into how lockdown is affecting vision-impaired people's physical activity   VERSION 2

duration 7:16   |   may be heard by your listeners from 14 May 2020 to 18 Jun 2020


•  The "Multiway" LED magnifying lamp

duration 5:20   |   may be heard by your listeners from 11 May 2020 to 15 Jun 2020


•  How local talking newspapers and magazines are coping during the pandemic

duration 7:41   |   may be heard by your listeners from 08 May 2020 to 12 Jun 2020


•  A talking food thermometer with probe

duration 3:15   |   may be heard by your listeners from 03 May 2020 to 07 Jun 2020


•  Three portable "Halo" magnifying lamps, each with a higher magnification insert lens

duration 6:40   |   may be heard by your listeners from 30 Apr 2020 to 04 Jun 2020


•  Free national information line offering support during pandemic

duration 7:46   |   may be heard by your listeners from 21 Apr 2020 to 31 May 2020


•  The Macular Society's 'Connect by Tech' support to help to stay in touch

duration 6:06   |   may be heard by your listeners from 23 Apr 2020 to 28 May 2020


•  Infosound General Trailer

duration 2:36   |   there is no date restriction for use

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We are funded solely by voluntary donations and grants.
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