Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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Contacting Infosound
This where you can find our contact details. Elsewhere on this web site you can:
Read a summary of the Infosound services
Listen to the Infosound service for Great Britain
Listen to the Infosound service for the Greater London region
Find out how and where to listen to Infosound
Read about Infosound, the charity

Infosound is a very small charity and we are not able to staff our phone line.  We don't have further information about any
topic we mention, over and above what we give out with each audio item we produce.  However you may wish to contact us to
contribute to Infosound with a hint, tip, comment or item of information (we hope you do!) or you may want to tell us about a
change of address for receiving your monthly CD.

Whatever it is, you can always leave a message at any time on: 03000 111 555

We can also be emailed at:

And you can write to us at: PO Box 20, Brighton BN2 7XX
The Infosound logo - the words "info" and "sound" inside a yellow and white eye shape