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About Infosound

The free and impartial information service for
vision-impaired people in Great Britain
Who we are

Infosound is an independent registered charity that produces free information, in audio, for vision-impaired (that is, blind and partially-

sighted) people on subjects that directly affect living with sight loss.  Infosound serves anyone who lives with sight loss, whether or not

they are registered as sight-impaired (partially-sighted) or severely sight-impaired (blind), who is resident in Great Britain but, of course,

anyone who can hear us is welcome to access our service.

We are a non-commercial, apolitical and editorially-impartial public service.  Our core aim is to share information, knowledge,

experience and opinion for the benefit of vision-impaired people. Infosound's mission is "to inform and to explain".

“As a blind person, I feel that I am always the last one to find out about anything; so it is good to have information
about so many varied and different topics.”  Paul from Eastbourne, East Sussex.

“Given that it is quite hard to find one source of information on everything affecting blind people like myself,
Infosound appears to be offering all the best content and information.  I also appreciate the clarity of the recording
and ease of use of the internet service.”  Gordon from Stirling.

“I just wanted to say thanks for the articles included on Infosound recently.  Your good work is valuable and much
appreciated.  Thanks again for all that you do. It does make a difference.”  Paul from Birmingham

What Infosound offers

Our core service is the production of audio articles on a very broad range of topics such as useful daily-living products, benefits,

holidays, mobility, daily-living, housing, employment, training, leisure, sport, money, consumer matters, hobbies and important issues

affecting those who live with sight loss.

We talk to, for example, those who manufacture or sell products and those who offer services and support and, importantly, we

encourage blind and partially-sighted people to share their experiences of living with sight loss by contributing to Infosound.

Our material is produced with the intention of being directly relevant to someone who lives with sight loss.  There are several

ways to listen to Infosound but all the audio that we produce can be heard on this web site. For example, our on-demand "shop

window" is Infosound Select.

Infosound Charity Support

Separately, we support those who produce information services in audio for blind and partially-sighted people and those who directly

support vision-impaired people through our Charity Support service.  Here we provide audio material that can be shared; and this is

also where promotional printed material about Infosound and our work can be downloaded by health care professionals, volunteers,

carers and family members of those who live with sight loss.

Infosound's Editorial Code of Practice

Infosound is an independent public service registered charity.  All audio material produced by Infosound is offered in good faith and

aims to be objective, fair and strictly impartial in its editorial representation.   Infosound does not benefit in any way from its choice of

editorial coverage and expresses no opinion of its own.

Infosound operates under the terms of its written Constitution and the charity's "Guiding Principles", which summarise our core ethos

and editorial code of practice.


Infosound cannot be liable to any person for loss or damage incurred or suffered as a result of accepting or offering to accept goods

or services contained in audio, or any other, material produced by Infosound wherever it is reproduced. Listeners should make

appropriate enquiries before incurring any expense or contractual obligation.

Infosound has no control over, and therefore cannot accept any responsibility for, information posted on any web site to which we offer

a link from this web site.


Infosound audio material is professionally produced, but as a free public service and registered charity, Infosound is entirely

dependent on donations and grants.  Much of what we are currently able to achieve is underpinned by support from two vision-

impairment-related charities and several trust funds.  We are very grateful to all our "enablers", many of whom choose to remain


We fundraise independently and invite donations and ghrants from anyone who would like to support our work, but we make no charge

to the blind and partially-sighted listeners we serve.  If you would like to enquire about how to make a donation to Infosound, please

email us at [email protected] or phone us on 03000 111 555.  Thank you.

Infosound - the charity

Infosound is an independent charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929). Infosound is

recognised as a charity by HM Revenue & Customs, is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for data protection

(registration number ZA048969) and is a member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and the Talking News Federation.

Infosound comprises three Trustees, one part-time Producer/Editor and one part-time administrator, both of whom are part-time

volunteers as well and a small number of other volunteers who contribute to audio production, publicity, fundraising and who offer

professional advice.

Charity Trustees: Mr A. Hindell, Mrs L. Arnold, Mrs V. Davies.
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Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)

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