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The Infosound Audio Support Service for talking newspapers and magazines, not-for-profit radio stations and information services,
for health care professionals and volunteers and anyone else supporting blind and partially-sighted people in Great Britain:

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Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)
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An announcement about a (slight) change to the Infosound Audio support service
as from May 1st 2017
Ever since Infosound started on 1st January 2008, we have been offering our audio material freely to talking newspapers and magazines as well as radio stations and other non-commercial information providers.

For some time, this service has been called Infosound Audio; it has always been the backbone of what we provide and that is not going to change.

Infosound Audio has its own web site (, which offers our most recent audio articles for you to use as well as support information, such as audio trailers and downloadable promotional posters and scripts, for the VI support sector.  Infosound Audio also has an associated Facebook page (

For some time, we have been producing two versions of each audio article that we produce - one which starts and finished with a 5-second identification jingle and one without any jingles.  As from the beginning of May, we have just been producing one version - the one with the 5-second jingles; and, as we have requested since we started, we ask that our audio articles are not edited or changed in any way before you pass them on to your listeners.

This is not an attempt to “brand” everything that we produce, but we do want to make blind and partially-sighted people aware of us, and what we can now provide through our new “audio library of information”.  This library service replaces our audio magazine, which will no longer be produced after July; hence the need to encourage listeners to come to us as we will no longer be going to them.

We understand that just about everyone who uses our audio material is kindly crediting Infosound as the source; well, now it will just be a bit more obvious where they come from! So the only difference we foresee is that you may now want to say at some point in your audio publication or programme that listeners are hearing information from the “Infosound audio library”.

So we have prepared a short (45-second) script that you might consider reading out whenever you use our material - we would be grateful if you would.  This will explain, very briefly, what the Infosound audio library is and it will therefore put the playing of our items into context for your listeners. Again, this script can be found on the Infosound Audio web site.

As mentioned, we are no longer going to produce a monthly audio magazine of any sort but, instead, we are putting every currently-relevant audio article that we have produced into a reference-style library with different category sections for listeners to browse whenever they choose over the phone, on our web site, in podcasts, on the Sonata audio players and via Twitter.  What you will be getting on the Infosound Audio page are the very latest items we have produced.

We do hope you will continue to use, or start to use, our audio material.  We, like you, are a charity (all-volunteer, apart from two part-time staff) serving the needs of blind and partially-sighted people; and we all share the same objectives.