Our core service is the rolling online Infosound audio magazine
providing news and information on subjects that may be of interest to
someone who is blind or partially-sighted sighted and living anywhere in
England.  We update the content as soon as we have anything new to add.

Listeners are welcome to phone in their own comments,
information, opinion and experiences which, together with
some short bulletins of news and events, make up our
frequently-updated Infosound Audio Noticeboard.

We also produce the frequently-refreshed Infosound
London bulletin of news and information that
concentrates on life for vision-impaired people in the
capital’s boroughs and
within the M25.

We tweet whenever we have produced
a fresh item of news or information or
we have refreshed our audio magazine,
the Audio Noticeboard or our
Greater London bulletin.

Everything we produce can be heard on this web site,
via the Sonata Plus Internet audio players and in our podcast.

But for those who are unable to listen to us in any of these ways, we also
produce a monthly compilation of some current audio features and
some postings from the Audio Noticeboard on standard CD.  Because
much of the content may be relevant to those living just outside England,
this CD service is freely available to vision-impaired people across the UK.
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Welcome to Infosound.  We are an independent, registered charity producing and distributing free and impartial
news and information for the benefit of vision-impaired (blind and partially-sighted) people across England and
beyond.  We are funded solely by voluntary donation.

The news and information we produce aims to be directly relevant to those
who live with sight loss and everything we have on offer can be heard
across different platforms and in a variety of formats.

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to Infosound
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Separately, we support talking newspapers and magazines, as well as radio stations and
other information providers who disseminate information about living with sight loss to their
vision-impaired listeners.
We make a frequently-refreshed selection of our audio articles freely available to them to download and
use in their own audio publications or programmes.
This is all provided from the Infosound Audio web site.
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June 2016
phone Infosound on 03000 111 555     |     email Infosound at info@infosound.org.uk
write to Infosound at PO Box 20, Brighton BN2 7XX

Infosound is a charity, registered in England and Wales (no. 1142082) and in Scotland (no. SC039929)

We are very grateful to British Wireless for the Blind Fund

and Thomas Pocklington Trust for their support in 2016

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impartial news and information for
vision-impaired people in England and beyond